Website design with WordPress is not like a product because as soon as websites are launched, they need to be supported by a website design company, so it is necessary to choose a reputable company for the cost of website design with WordPress, of course, one of the important things in cheap website design It is considered as a problem not to have a strong support.

All website templates are designed from the ground up by the company and no ready-made templates are used, and templates are prepared from content management systems such as WordPress for the cost of website design with WordPress.

Website design project with WordPress

One of the main reasons why the company does not use ready-made templates is because ready-made templates make the safety of the website go down and have a negative effect on the speed of the site, causing excessive consumption of resources such as RAM. Bandwidth becomes cpu and also has a direct effect on updating and developing sites. Of course, cheap site design may have these features, but WordPress site design helps a lot in site optimization.

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Cheap web design

Cheap website design using ready-made templates is one of the company's plans, the only cost of setting up a cheap website design is one million to three million tomans, which includes uploading the templates to the server, training the control panel, buying templates, optimization Speed and security, as well as support for the site for one year.

The tariff for assigning hosting to the website and inserting information on the website will increase the desired cost, you can see the ready templates for cheap website design on the company's website.

If you are looking for a professional website design, read the article completely. Cheap website design and website design project with WordPress is one of the specialties of our company, which you can do in two ways: cheap website design (the cost of designing a website with WordPress) and buy a ready-made website from the company and become a website owner.

The cost of designing a web with WordPress

The cost of designing a website with WordPress is different according to the development and facilities used in it. Basically, company-type sites have the lowest cost, but store sites, due to the facilities they have, are several times more expensive.

In order to determine the prices for the company, you can write and send the facilities you need for cheap website design in the form of an RFP so that the company in question can estimate the costs and determine them for you. What kind of content management is developed?

Equal experience with high quality cheap WEB esign

Cheap website design, if done with high quality, should be done with experience and planning, because without these things it is not possible, that's why the companies that try to do the project at the lowest price are unaware of the consequences in the future. Because they don't do this by planning and they don't know about the support of the site and they leave it without support.

Therefore, one of the most important things in designing a website is experience, even considering the low price, it will be of high quality. The company in this field can, according to its experience and work history, be able to design the cost in the least possible time. Provide and run a website with WordPress at reasonable prices.

Website design today is cheaper than in the past and you can easily choose one of the cheap website designs and after a few days you will find your website in the desired domain and host. Of course, the tariffs are different and may be for It can be surprising for first-timers to do this, so stay tuned.

In general, the type of website you want to design, for example: store site, introduction (corporate) and any other type, as well as the tools used in designing the site, will have an effect on the final price.

Web design with WordPress

A CMS content management system, which is WordPress, is used to launch various types of blogs to store and company sites, and it is very popular and powerful, and this popularity has made more than a quarter of the site Internet users should use this content management system from the examples of websites designed with WordPress:

1. Sony Music,


Professional. 3

The New Yorker. 4

Place an order for cheap website design


As we said, designing a cheap website with templates that are designed from the ground up is not the work of every company, but the company provides cheap website design according to its experience along with quality services and supports your website twenty-four hours a day. Was.

Usually, most of the companies that work in the field of website design use ready-made templates, which unfortunately are of low quality and will not have good support. Therefore, the problems that such sites have are that they cannot be developed, lack of upgradeability, Low safety and speed is not recommended at all because it will only waste your money.

If website design by companies is done with a tariff of one hundred thousand tomans, but no support is provided, you will only waste your time and budget. So, in fact, building and designing a cheap website of some companies may cause problems for you in the future and make you regret the process of setting up a website. But the price of website design with WordPress is available, which is of high quality and will strengthen your presence on the Internet over time.

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