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You must have heard about digital marketing? The science of digital marketing is the science of selling products and services through virtual space, website, etc. The major part of digital marketing is related to the science of SEO services.

What is content production and SEO? Surely this is a question that may have occurred to you. Join us to make a memorable and beautiful trip to the land of SEO services. Of course, the information we will give you may be the first time you encounter it. Because the science of SEO changes day by day and an SEO specialist must always be up to date.

What is content production and SEO?

When it comes to SEO services, most thoughts go to content creation. While this is not the case at all. The science of content creation is a very interesting science that has different parts.

SEO content that is written for sites is actually content that is compiled based on SEO principles. There are fundamental differences between content and SEO content. Therefore, content creation is one of several SEO services.

سئو سایت

What does SEO itself mean? In very simple language, the science of SEO is the science of site optimization for search engines. It means to bring your site to the first link and first page of search engines in a specific keyword.

You must search words in the Google search engine. And the results will be displayed for you in order. The simple question is, how can one site be on the first link and another site on the third page of Google? This is exactly the science of SEO.

When you request SEO services, the SEO and SEO experts determine the status of your site during an analysis and try to improve the status of your site for search engines.

SEO principles

It is really difficult to talk about SEO principles in this article. Because the science of SEO is a very detailed science. We try to cover some of the basics of SEO.

My question is, where do we even begin? Friends, starting SEO operations and SEO services requires a series of preparations. Among these preparations is the analysis of the site and the status of competing sites. Many people ask me how much SEO costs? There is really no clear answer to this question and in general, it depends on the results of the analysis.

So what do we do in site analysis? First, we discuss the status of the site in terms of Alexa rank, page authority, domain authority, articles and keywords inside the articles, codes used on the site, plugins, site load speed, site links, etc.

The discussion becomes much more specialized if we describe only one of the above cases. Just know that site review and analysis is an introduction to your site's content strategy and SEO strategy. It should be noted that we perform the above analysis for the competitor's site as well. Why? Because we are going to overtake them. We need to determine the level of activity of the competitor in order to prepare a perfect strategy for you.

The price of SEO services

As I mentioned, the discussion of the price of SEO services is not a fixed discussion, it is not like saying that the SEO of your site is ten million. or three million. Rather, it varies and depends on your keyword and competitors.

We did the SEO of a website with the amount of 18 million tomans. Also, SEO services for another site were only 4 million tomans. This means that the competitors and the status of the two sites are very different.

The science of SEO is a comprehensive, up-to-date, money-making and excellent science. Why money maker? In fact, by SEO operations and promoting a business's website, you also help to sell it and make it prosper.

A look at the state of the SEO service market in Iran

Definitely one of the most important and basic issues that we have to address in this article is the issue of the market situation of SEO services in Iran.

In this case, we had a general look at the sites and companies, and I must say that among the thousands of sites and companies that provide SEO services, maybe a handful of them are useful and have the right experience.

We have companies and sites whose site is not SEO, it has major problems, but they provide SEO services! How is it possible that a site that has no experience in the field of SEO and their situation is not suitable, claim SEO? Therefore, based on experience, we say that most of these sites are not suitable at all and will not help you and do nothing but harm!

Among the reviews, we came across a company that offered SEO services at a reasonable price. When we followed up, most of the activities of this company were in the field of PBNs, which is one of the black hat methods of SEO, or some companies were suddenly increasing the outgoing links of the site, which temporarily placed the site at the top of Google, but eventually It was known as a black site and was banned.

Or we even saw the "SEO site in a month" ad! We assure you that these are also not true issues and are mostly scams. How is it possible to be ranked first in Google in a difficult keyword for a month? While only site analysis issues take a few days!

The end of the SEO service journey

At the end of our journey, we reached the land of Seo. We hope that this article has provided you with useful and appropriate information. As we said at the beginning of the trip, SEO is a specialized science that can be written about several books.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to this science in general. You can contact us for more specialized issues. Thank you for being with us until the end of this journey.


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