The importance of Google ads, the cost of Google AdWords, the price of Google AdWords considering that the Google search engine is undoubtedly the most powerful and the most widely used type of search engine and is widely used by Internet users all over the world, it is of great importance.

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The importance of Google ads

The purpose of advertising is to introduce products, goods or services to people in society, and it is no secret that in today's world, with the advancements made in the field of communication technologies, a large amount of people are available virtually.

Considering the great potential of virtual space users, for the prosperity of business, a way and a method should be chosen in order to get the maximum efficiency from this hidden potential.

Considering the high importance and popularity of the Google search engine with billions of searches that are made daily all over the world by Internet users through this search engine, the best way to introduce people, businesses, etc. to Internet users is to use the importance of Google ads.

The importance of Google ads

The importance of Google becomes apparent when we know that today most of the people in the society are equipped with smartphones and internet connection, and if they have any doubts, the first thing they do is to search for the answer to the problem through Google search. they turn Also, to buy any goods or services, they simply look for quality and cheaper goods through Google search, and these things show the importance of Google ads.

In this practical and useful article, we intend to express the importance of Google ads to our esteemed audience through different and accessible methods.

The difference between site SEO and Google ads

Reaching the first page of Google results is a dream for various websites, and every reputable website does its best to get high Google rankings.

The Google search engine has a series of rules and regulations that, if the websites fully comply with these rules and regulations, gradually and over a long period of time, in such a way as to gain the trust of Google, they will get to the top pages of Google and to This difficult and complex operation is called site optimization for search engines or SEO.

Many websites of different companies, people and businesses need to be on the first page of Google results, but they do not have the expertise to do SEO operations and also have enough time to wait until they reach their goal, which is the first page of Google.

The cost of Google AdWords

The huge Google company has created a non-free service for these people called Google AdWords cost or Google AdWords price, in which Google users can easily place their websites on the first page of Google, so that millions of users Internet users can see the Google results of the desired website at the beginning of the page.

In some cases, it can be seen that some websites perform SEO operations in order to reach the initial pages of Google results, but they also use the option of advertising through Google to get short-term results.

How Google ads work

There are many websites on the internet that do Google ads for users. The Google AdWords service works in such a way that any user who requests to do Google ads must recharge his credit and use this service.

The cost of Google AdWords is calculated based on the number of clicks that users make to enter the website on its link on the first page of Google. It should be noted that if a user views the results page but does not click on the desired website link, he will not be charged for advertising in Google AdWords.

Advantages of using Google ads

The Google AdWords service has provided many benefits to its users, some of the most important of which are listed below:

Users can specify a place to view the website that they have considered for Google ads, and in this way prevent the viewing of the corresponding website in other places, and in this way, the cost incurred for the purchase of Google click ads. They can save money.

One of the other very important things in doing Google ads is choosing the time range to display the desired website, in which the user can choose a specific time range, for example, only office hours to display the desired website and maximize productivity. He brought for himself.

One of the other important things that makes Google ads attractive is the fact that Google gives its users the option to choose their destination devices for displaying ads. Devices such as mobile phones and computers are able to connect to the web world and browse it, and only one of them can be selected to display advertisements, which is considered a major advantage.

Google ads are a golden opportunity to introduce businesses to Internet users

Google AdWords price

  Considering the difficulty of site SEO operations, which is also very time-consuming, and considering the issue that if the website is seen on the first page of Google, the website in question will surely face a large volume of virtual users; Using Google ads is the best solution for business development.

Considering the price rate of Google AdWords, which is deducted from the user for each click, is very small compared to the overall efficiency that the relevant business gets as a result of these ads, doing Google ads will be very efficient and cost-effective.

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